• Qredit Wave
  • Qredit KYC
  • Qredit Smart Contracts

  • Increase the daily withdrawal limit
  • Receive payments directly on the exchange using the physical AltillyPass
    (The physical AltillyPass stores your exchange public addresses without the private keys. This will allow you to receive payments from users with NFC enabled cryptocurrency wallets. Wherever you go. You will always be able to receive payments in your wallet without login into your Altilly account).
  • Access to community events like coin-votings and competitions
  • Access to airdrops from developers
  • Verified member status
  • Lower trading fees
  • Access to future marketplace (replacement of Bitilly Marketplace)
  • Access to future mining pools
  • Possibility to withdraw mining pool rewards directly to the exchange with conversion options
  • and…
  • Verify all your exchange wallet addresses.

…Last but not least… Antares Energy