Hello everyone and thanks in advance for taking the time to read this article.
For those that don’t know us, let me introduce you to Hodler Enterprises.

Hodler Enterprises started in early 2017 by building and offering mining rigs and hardware for its clients. This sparked our interest and we started to participate in the world of cryptocurrencies — from building mining farms to setting up mining pools, creating trading groups and various crypto related products and services. Since late 2018 Hodler Enterprises decided to take it’s business a step further by also offering server cooling solutions for individuals and companies.

We’ve started the company with only two core team members, at the time of writing this update our core team consists of four core members and four advisors.

You are able to read more about Hodler Enterprises on our website;

Without further delay, let’s proceed to the exciting updates detailed below.

The concept of creating Qredit began in January 2018 with an ICO on the Neblio platform.

Qredit’s initial vision focussed on becoming a rewards token which merchants could use to reward their customers after spending a certain amount on goods in their retail establishments.

Traditionally, stamps and other centralised methods are being used to print “points” for their customers. Adapting Blockchain technology decreases the risks of losing any physical points like stamps and also minimises the risk of fraud. Since July 2018 our goal has changed a little in favour of the merchants. Except instead of using Qredit as a reward token, many merchants preferred to use Qredit as an alternative payment gateway.

We made a breakthrough attempting to create a practical solution for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies as a store of value by creating a multifaceted retail payments and rewards platform with Qredit built an energy efficient, secure and fast DPoS blockchain technology.

But let’s be honest, replacing traditional stamps and becoming a payment system is not utilising blockchain technology to its fullest.

So we decided to set our bar higher.

To achieve the new objectives we researched appropriate blockchain technology, we decided to fork Ark’s codebase and create a Qredit blockchain.

Using the Ark codebase provides us with more possibilities and opportunities.

There are so many cryptocurrencies that claim to become the next big thing and the biggest cryptocurrency payments system. To compete with these giants is unrealistic for our small team.

We will differentiate Qredit from other cryptocurrency payments systems by implementing new features that can actually drive adoption in the real world.

As explained in our previous update about Qredit, we have already started work on the QAE platform.
QAE stands for “Qredit Always Evolving”. We will keep this short and explain the use-case and the challenges we are going to meet and set the actual deadline for all 4 QAE features.

QAE has 4 phases in total.

1. Qredit Motion
Qredit Motion will be used to easily convert Qredit to Fiat currency and vice versa.
We will do this by accepting fiat payments on our website and create a gateway through our own exchange called Altilly. Our initial plan was to use Coinpayments together with Coinmotion to enable this feature. However.. things have changed in 2019.

The Netherlands provided various challenges and barriers to integrating fiat payments, there is also an existing monopoly position, making options limited.
We’ve overcome these problems by applying for company registration in Sweden and using Klarna as our fiat payment provider.

Now the news you’ve all been waiting for.. yes, Qredit Motion has been approved in the last week and we will implement Qredit Motion within the next 2 months.

2. Qredit Wave
We distributed Qredit Cards with NFC chips in early 2018.
These cards were meant to receive Qredit as a reward token and it was programmed to support Neblio NTP1.
The nature of these cards means they can easily be converted to accept the new Qredit, technically saying as a gift card, as it can only be used to ‘receive’ Qredit.
Let’s call this v1 Qredit (gift)cards. We will also be selling these v1 Qredit Cards on the Altilly exchange and allow you to create your own design and get the Qredit Card delivered directly to you. The process and information to change your ‘old’ Qredit cards for the new blockchain will be provided later this month. v1 Qredit Cards will also be available for sales later this month on Altilly and can be used directly with our mobile apps.

So if we have v1, what will v2 be like?
v2 Qredit Cards are planned to be released within 6 months.
v2 will also allow you to send and receive Qredit offline without being connected to the internet.
And instead of only releasing Qredit Cards, you will be allowed to use mobile apps using NFC technology, NFC bracelets, smartwatches and anything else that accepts the NFC technology.

3. Qredit KYC
Similar to a bank account, you can optionally register your Qredit address for more transparency.
Your registered username can be seen on the Qredit Explorer and users can easily verify their identity using a 3rd party KYC provider. Along with this, we will be creating a social website similar to ‘other well known social media platforms’ where you can log in with your address or the username linked to your address.
But why? The reason is simple. Cryptocurrency is often associated with illegal things or money laundering.
It will be easier for merchants and official agencies to keep track of registered addresses.
But why the social website?
Facebook is currently working on implementing blockchain technology on its platform. Looking at their monopoly position, it’s time for us to react to this by creating our own decentralized social platform using blockchain technology, as we all know, Facebook will never be decentralized.

What else would add value to a social platform?
We plan to integrate a decentralized, encrypted messenger in all of our apps and on the social platform. The messenger will be created in partnership with another well-known blockchain community.

Qredit KYC will be delivered in a number of phases over the next 6–8 months, more details to follow.

4. Qredit Smart Contracts
As the name says. With Qredit Smart Contracts you can create your own asset using the Qredit Blockchain and benefit from our delegates supporting the network.
Qredit Smart Contracts will be created most likely in collaboration with Openledger ApS.
Qredit Smart Contracts will support coding languages in Go, Solidity and Javascript and enables developers to add metadata during token creation and on transfer.
The use-case of Smart Contracts is very diverse and can be used for individuals for ‘fun’, game developers to create card games, for merchants to create contracts between suppliers or to create rewards tokens for consumers.
Our aim is to finalize Qredit Smart Contracts in 6 months.

But isn’t this ‘old’ news? What have we done so far?

During the ‘crypto-winter’ we didn’t stand still.
Even though we completed a full refund at ICO price for those that wanted to part ways from us or in crypto general.
With limited funds available, we’ve still been working during the winter.
As you can see, Qredit is now also 10% above ICO price and 60% above pre-ico price.

We’ve migrated our chain from Ark v1 to Ark v2 code-base.
Being the first Ark fork to successfully migrate the blockchain to v2.
The new blockchain is fast, stable and secure and 95% of the nodes have been ‘up’ since the migration.
After migration, we’ve also increased the block rewards from 2XQR to 10XQR per block.
Along with this, we’ve also enabled dynamic fees and increased the transactions per block from 50tx to 150tx.
Our goal is to increase the transactions per block from 150 to 500 transactions per block to ensure the blockchain can support future transaction growth.

What about the wallets?

We’ve now pushed the mobile wallet to the Apple Store. Qredit is now available for all major devices. Windows, Linux, MacOS, Web, Android and iOS.

Qredit can also be stored on ledger hardware wallets. The desktop wallets support both the Ledger Nano S and the Ledger Nano X.
All wallets are also re-touched and support the v2 network and you can even add your custom network for other forks.
Price conversions and the QR scanner will be fixed this month as soon as we are listed on TradeSatoshi and CryptoCompare.

Will there be new airdrops?
Since today we’ve finalized all previous airdrops.
There are 2 more airdrops left.
We will airdrop a large amount to the top 51 delegates for supporting our network. This will be done without announcing it.
Our 2nd airdrop will be done at Altilly. How to participate? Simple, register on Altilly, enable 2FA and make a trade. Details about this final airdrop will be announced in the “ICOAnnouncements” telegram channel. https://t.me/ICOAnnouncement

So is there anything new we can expect this year?

Yes. At first, we will add Qredit to Bitilly.
Bitilly is a multi-vendor cryptocurrency marketplace where you can buy or sell new or used items using cryptocurrency and optionally convert it to fiat currency.
Qredit will be implemented on Bitilly in the month of April.

Anything else to add?


Meet the Qredit Valkyrie Deployer

With the Qredit Valkyrie Deployer, you can deploy your own enterprise-grade blockchain in minutes and fork from the Qredit code-base with your own wallets and explorer.
Isn’t this similar to Ark deployer?
Yes and no. Clearly, we give credit to the Ark developers and appreciate their hard work for creating the core along with the tools that are provided to make this possible.
The difference is that we will give customers and enterprises the option to host their blockchains at Hodler Hosting.
Customers can change the parameters according to their needs:

  • Total supply
  • Design of their wallets
  • Network Fees
  • Rewards per block
  • Transactions per block
  • Number of Delegates
  • Private or Public Blockchain.

We will offer yearly contracts to our customers to host the blockchain and maintain their network, ensuring any updates or patches are applied in a timely manner.

To top it off, we will offer side-chains using plugins on mainnet that will be supported by our existing delegates.
Users of Valkyrie can optionally apply and be approved directly for listing on the Altilly exchange.
Anyone, developers, enterprises, blockchain enthusiasts using Valkyrie can add plugins to their blockchain or develop the blockchain the way they want it to be.

All fees payable for Valkyrie services will be paid in Qredit (XQR), providing additional utility to Qredit, it’s hodlers and investors.

When will Valkyrie available for the public?
Valkyrie Beta will be available this month.

Anything else related to Qredit?
Yes. In January 2019 we’ve acquired the Altilly exchange.
Qredit will be used on Altilly as the native currency to pay for listing fees, exchanges services like airdrop programs and advertisement.
Qredit has its own base-market on Altilly and this month we will also reduce the trading fees if people use Qredit to trade.
Qredit on Altilly will be similar to what BNB is to Binance.

What is Altilly?
As mentioned above, we’ve acquired the Altilly exchange.
Altilly is transparency-focused cryptocurrency exchange using enterprise-grade security.

Since we’ve acquired the exchange, Altilly has undergone a little make-over.
We’ve updated the listing policy and the review of new coins.
We are still busy upgrading the user interface constantly improving the overall experience for end-users.
To continue the transparency we’ve also launched a public Trello board for everyone to see what we are currently working on how coins are reviewed which you can visit here: https://qredit.io/go/planning.
Our goal is to make Altilly one of the fastest exchange in listing new assets, deposits, withdrawals while providing enterprise-grade security and the best user support.

Since the recent Cryptopia incident, Altilly ran a promotion to list Cryptopia coins/tokens who no longer had a home for free. We received 128 applications and following rigorous shortlisting we have agreed to list 60 coins/tokens in the month of March.


As mentioned earlier, Bitilly is a multi-vendor cryptocurrency marketplace.

Bitilly will go live this month and allow users to trade physical or digital items using crypto-currency.
Qredit will be implemented at Bitilly and will reduce the fees for sales as it does for Altilly.
Qredit will also be used to pay for premium listing and advertisement on Bitilly.
The Qredit Founders Token, also known as the QRTF will be used to share rewards earned through Bitilly.

75% of the fees earned through new listings, advertisement and sales will be converted and transferred to QRTF holders.
Bitilly will go live this month.

Hodler Mining
What is Hodler Mining?
As you can read here: https://hodler.enterprises/hodlermining/
Hodler Mining was firstly called Miniera and was acquired by Hodler Enterprises in mid-2018 when Miniera was almost ready to fail.
Since acquiring Miniera, we’ve rebranded it to Hodler Mining and adding our own touch to it.
Using immersion cooling technology and FPGA miners we can provide a 2 year ROI in current market condition.

The development of Hodler Mining was suspended for two months due to potential conflicts with Dutch regulations and our company was under research by a Dutch agency called AFM which is similar to the US SEC.
The outcome of this research was very positive.
However, cryptocurrency mining in the Netherlands is still a grey area and to avoid future conflicts we’ve decided to continue the operation in Sweden.
Sweden has a crypto-friendly environment that allows us to mine cryptocurrency and pay out rewards to the Hodler Mining investors.

In these 2 months during the research by AFM, we’ve visited BixBit, which will be our supplier in hardware and cooling components. More information about Bixbit on this page:

We’ve also visited “Skatteverket” in Sweden to successfully register our company.
Which means that we no longer fall under the Dutch regulations regarding our mining operation.
To complete this process we will be acquiring a building in Ludvika (Sweden) close to the High Voltage Valley.
This building has a roughly 200m2 space and with a stable electrical structure to support our mining operation.

Ludvika is known to support local companies that are efficient and green. As we are using efficient cooling technology, the municipality of Ludvika will be supporting us to start up Hodler Mining.

Unfortunately due to market volatility, the original ICO funds raised ($220k) have decreased by $20k. The cost of a full rack is exactly $220k.

Before visiting Sweden we’ve made an appointment with an investor that is willing to invest $240k next week in Hodler Mining. Which allows us to complete the first rack, and provide a second full rack of mining equipment.
Once the transaction has been completed, we will order the equipment and purchase the facility to host Hodler Mining.

What else has been changed?
We’ve created a private telegram group for anyone that has invested in Hodler Mining or has acquired Hodler Mining tokens through OTC trade.
The minimum investment amount has also been increased.
New investors will receive their tokens as soon we order a new rack meaning that the early investors will not see a reward drop due to new investors joining Hodler Mining.

Hodler Energy
Since we are moving to Sweden with Hodler Mining.
Instead of receiving the negative attention from the agencies in the Netherlands, we’ve received the opposite reaction from municipalities, companies and agencies in Sweden.
We met a number of companies in Sweden that are willing to implement the immersion cooling technology into their data-centres.
Hodler Energy will be providing the tools and knowledge to transform Swedish data-centres from using traditional cooling to immersion cooling.

Hodler Mining allows us to showcase immersion technology working in our own mining facility, we invite potential customers and interested parties to contact us. The aim of the facility is to show how efficient and easy it is to integrate this technology to existing data centres/mining operations.

If you are interested in Hodler Energy services, please contact us using the form on this page: https://hodler.enterprises/#contact

More updates about Hodler Mining and Hodler Energy will be released in week 10 of March.

Thank you for taking the time to read our latest update.

Nayiem Willems ~ Founder & CEO of Hodler Enterprises