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Bitilly.com is a project launched in January 2019 to increase the income and ROI for other Hodler Enterprises projects and cover staff costs using the profit from Bitilly.

Bitilly.com also serves a purpose for Qredit, which will be the first coin accepted on the Bitilly Marketplace.



Web Development

Front-end & Back-end


Coin Integration

Coin Listing Procedure



Online Marketing / Mainnet V2

Business Model & Key Summary

Vendors at Bitilly.com can make a profit by selling new or secondhand items. Hodler Enterprises earns profit through advertising and 2% from completed sales. Hodler Enterprises will also be earning additional income by listing new coins and applying a fee for each listing.

Advertising Revenue – Advertising income will generate $2000 per week (when advertising slots are fully utilised).

Item Listing Fees – Listing income will begin at $1000 per listing and will increase in the future.

Hodler Enterprises will use the funds to fuel other projects within the Hodler Enterprise portfolio. The funds will also reduce staff costs across our other projects, in turn generating more profit for our investors participating in Qredit or Hodler Mining.

A fixed amount of the profit will be shared with QRTF holders. QRTF was introduced at the beginning of the Qredit ICO for early investors, and it can no longer be purchased from us. QRTF stands for “Qredit Founders Token”. QRTF is only listed on the NebliDex exchange and is being traded privately.


Project Launch: January 2019
Coins Listed: BTC – ETH – XVG
Escrow System: Yes
Multi-vendor: Yes
Minimum Investment: None. Only for existing QRTF owners.



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