Our Partners

vGraphiX was the first partner to join Hodler Enterprises.

As a partner, they offer complete website build and management solutions covering both front-end and back-end development. The owner of vGraphiX is also a core member of Hodler Enterprises.

Together we build solutions for customers and end-users.

Token of Trust is our partner in identity verification, anti-fraud and trust tools.

Since January 2018, Token of Trust has been providing services for all of our projects.

Our team has worked closely with developers from Token of Trust to help increase user experience and also to build new products and services. Thanks to Token of Trust, Dutch investors were able to participate in Hodler Mining.

Dutch Crypto Talk and Hodler Enterprises have worked together since January 2018, offering various services to each other.

The two companies continue to share learning experiences and in doing so, we have developed tools to increase web traffic to our respective websites.