By Hodler Enterprises


Hodler Energy is a concept that allows anyone to rent servers or computing power from machines installed at residential or commercial properties.

Computer equipment produces heat; this heat is extracted from the servers using immersion cooling technology, the heat can be repurposed for warming rooms or to heat the water for showers or washing dishes.

The technology is easy to set up and install without modification to the original hardware. Heat transfer can be integrated with any central heating/ventilation systems.

Connectivity is provided via ethernet cables and has a backup system using integrated SIM cards.
As rendering farms or mining operations do not require much bandwidth, a simple SIM card could run for over a year on the server.

The units will be installed under a contract, and the owner will receive monthly payouts per hour that the machine is being used.

Will will launch this concept in Sweden. The whole concept will be presented publicly after the first round of investment has concluded.

The first round of investors will need to review and accept our NDA before any further sharing of information.

Please contact us for more information.