Altilly Update – Q3 2020

Hello all!

We are very excited to release the first official update for the Altilly Exchange!
For those who don’t already know, Altilly is a digital asset exchange, launched mid-2018 and is based in Hong Kong.  

Altilly is guided by several core principles: transparency, security and reliability.

In the last 2 years, we’ve gained over 65,000 users and with almost over 200 assets listed and 550 trading pairs, we are now reporting a daily trading volume of $400,000 which has steadily increased, ranked 129th on Coingecko and 140th on Coinmarketcap.
Since Altilly’s first appearance, a great deal has changed, company-wise, the backend, the frontend, support resolution and providing a user-centric experience.

In the last quarter, we soft-launched Altilly V2, running V1 alongside to allow users to transition at their own pace.
The upgraded V2 platform was developed in such a way that it supports both beginner and pro-traders, through widgets and the ability to select tools based on the user’s trading needs.

At Altilly there is a real focus on listening to our user base, as an organisation, we are led by the user.  Feedback is a critical part of how we improve and ensure our users have a voice.  

What’s new?!

  • Improved Trading Interface
    As part of developing the new trading interface, we listened to our users.  We tested some designs to assess which of them best meet our users’ needs.
    – Side by side
    – Vertical
    We couldn’t choose, so we created something that offered our users the best of everything!
    Users can select their preferred layout in the Settings menu.

  • Trollbox
    The chatbox, also known as the “Trollbox” is now back with improved moderation. We’ve added 3 chat interfaces for communication with other traders in your language, we currently support English, Chinese and Russian.

  • Language Support
    Altilly provides support for multiple major languages.  If you would like us to consider including another language please contact support via live chat or a support ticket!
    English, Dutch, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Hindi, Japanese and Korean.

  • Themes
    New, distinctive themes have been created.
    Light, Purple and Dark mode for the night owls.

  • Trading competitions
    Trading competitions are now available again at Altilly.
    We’ve added more data to trading competitions and we’ve enabled a system to pick up users trying to exploit/cheat. Sell trades do not count anymore towards volume.

  • Voting competitions
    Looking to add your favourite crypto project to Altilly?
    It took a while, but teams can now apply for voting competitions to get listed on the Altilly exchange.
    With voting competitions, there is always a winner!
    To apply please check out our listing terms:

  • Customer Support
    Altilly now offers live support alongside the more traditional ticket based system.
    At Altilly, we aim to answer all tickets within 24 hours, although most tickets are resolved much faster.
    Alongside the Customer Support provided via the exchange platform (the official route for all support requirements), our team of dedicated admins and support staff monitor the Altilly Telegram channel 24/7, to offer guidance and advice, using the Altilly Exchange.
    We would like to thank our users of the Altilly Telegram group, their help in supporting other users is something we are very proud of!

  • API’s
    For the advanced traders, Altilly now has amazingly fast REST API and Websocket API endpoints, shielded by Cloudflare, with minimum latency.

  • Listing Policy
    For the safety of our users, we’ve improved our listing policy, it also includes the credibility of the projects. A detailed audit and review of our listed assets was completed and where a coin/token/team did not meet our minimum requirement, and were unwilling to improve, Altilly delisted the token/coin.
    Each new project is extensively reviewed by our team before they are approved for listing on Altilly, decreasing the risk of our users, by ensuring we no longer consider listing fraudulent or unstable projects.

  • Listing Requests
    The listing fees and time of listing has been changed. Fees have been lowered for tokens and increased a small amount for coins with a native blockchain.

  • Trade on any device
    The Altilly platform is reactive and adjusts the layout of our platform to suit your specific device. Altilly supports desktop, tablets and mobile devices.

A lot more has been changed. Visit to check it out!

What else is in the pipeline?

Customers always come first and we aim to refine the experience for our users over-time.
This means we don’t have a deadline for certain goals, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t have a road-map. Read below to find out more!

  • Licensing and incorporation
    We expect to finalize exchange licensing and official incorporation in Estonia is due to be completed this year.
  • Fiat currency enabled
    Once we have cleared the final hurdle of licensing, Altilly will enable fiat trading pairs, fiat deposits and fiat withdrawals. For teams and projects, for a limited time (September and October), we will offer discounted listing fees for fiat pairs and as a bonus, a listing in the Qredit Motion wallet app allowing you to use fiat currencies on the go!
    Want to know more? Ask the team of your favourite asset to contact our support team!
  • Advanced KYC features by Persona
    When it comes to trading and dealing with valuable assets, KYC is mandatory above a certain level.
    But with Persona, we are going to re-enable AltillyPass and demonstrate the Persona KYC protocol to simplify KYC procedures while keeping the user-experience our top priority.

There is more to come!

Lastly and importantly… 

We want to congratulate the following projects:

  • The team of Hellenic Coin
    For first trading their asset on the Altilly Exchange.
    Hellenic Coin managed to jump from a market cap of $100,000 to above $20,000,000 in less than a year, reaching top 300 on Coinmarketcap.

  • The team of Shift
    This week, Shift moved their volume from Livecoin to Altilly within a week. We would like to congratulate them and thank them for the trust in Altilly Exchange. We wish you a lot of success!

For now, we want to thank all of the support from our users, teams and the community over the last 2 years!
Special thanks to our small, dedicated and skilled team for building this amazing exchange, giving our users the trustworthy, safe, and warm trading experience at Altilly Exchange.
Let’s move forward and change the future of crypto trading!

Thank you for reading this article.

Nayiem Willems
CEO of Altilly Exchange

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