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Hodler Enterprises entered the Cryptocurrency world at a time of both challenge and opportunity. The business carefully studied all aspects of this uprising phenomenon and by continuing to develop our knowledge and expertise Hodler Enterprises is well placed to guide its clients towards a successful and prosperous future.

About Us

The business is dedicated to providing best in class advice to our clients, ensuring we meet and exceed their expectations, while participating in various aspects of cryptocurrency use cases.

Hodler Enterprises started in early 2017 by building and offering mining rigs and hardware for its clients. Our interest quickly rose to participate in all kinds of products in the world of cryptocurrencies – from building mining farms to setting up mining pools, creating trading groups and various crypto related products and services. Since late 2018 Hodler Enterprises decided to take it’s business a step further by also offering server cooling solutions for individuals and companies.

We made a breakthrough attempting to create a practical solution for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies as a store of value by creating a multifaceted retail payments and rewards platform with Qredit built an energy efficient, secure and fast DPoS blockchain technology.

We are a small team of highly skilled and motivated individuals who embrace and nurture a hard work ethic and rapid development vision, ridden of the typical inefficiencies and large overheads encountered with larger development teams and companies. We lead our community and our clients by example continuing to setting our bar high.

The purpose of this website is to create an overview of the Hodler Enterprise projects, focused on high-level technical and financial information. Each sub-project website will remain devoid of this information to avoid content overlap, and ensuring each site is targeted to provide the best end-user experience possible.

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Our Projects

Voyager Park

“Living a Life of Adventure”
Imagine a gorgeous nature park in the middle of a wildlife environment

Voyager Park is a crowdfunded cryptocurrency project with assets in the ‘real world’ that focuses on tourism, renewable energy, blockchain technology and heat utilization of data-centers.

Voyager Park will allow investors to participate in the project and in return, receive 49% of the profit from the project, equally divided over all token holders / investors in stable tokens to preserve value.

The goal is to utilize and showcase all projects in a single park, a ‘mini crypto village’.
While offering services to people in the real world with real life assets and along the way, educate them in blockchain technology and also anything that the region and nature has to offer.

Enhanced Blockchain Suite

Creating new value with our Native Blockchain based payment platform

Efficiency Innovation

Efficient Heat for B2B and B2C.
A resourceful solution for datacenters

A Digital Asset Exchange


SolarDAO will be rebranded to ‘Antares Energy’.

The goal is to make the project profitable to former SolarDAO investors and new investors. The Antares Energy project will build renewable energy plants to fuel the existing ‘Hodler Mining’ project, also known as ‘Hodler Energy’ and the Voyager Park project.

Antares Energy will provide electricity to the to all of our facilities and therefore reduce the costs for Hodler Energy and Voyager Park. This will create a profitable result for all parties. As Hodler Energy will not be paying for
electricity to EON, energy tax can be avoided.

Antares Energy will mainly start with the prefab hydro-electric generators from the company Turbulent.


Since 25 June 2019, we have acquired a local shop in the city of Sollefteå in Sweden.

The shop is called McBläck and focuses on refilling ink cartridges and toners for consumers and companies as well as on offering basic IT services. The company has existed for 11 years before we acquired it. We are going to rebrand it without changing the name.

Besides the usual services that the company provides, we are going to add additional services. The reason for randomly acquiring a shop is straightforward. In the past, Qredit has been mainly focusing on being a payments system for merchants and consumers. One of the ways of demonstrating a product is by using it.

With McBläck we are going to further develop and demonstrate Qredit Wave and Qredit Motion, using it first in our own store and improve the functions step by step.

To be a large player in the world of payments providers, we need to make sure that our product is perfect right from the start. Meanwhile, we are going to introduce QAE-1 in our own store and create tokens in the form of bonus points to reward customers. While doing this, we are also going to provide the same services to other companies in the city and make sure they adopt the product and build their own tokens to reward customers.
Finally making the actual use-case of Qredit planned in early 2018 comes true. McBläck being a company that provides printing services when local companies adopt the rewards system, we can offer them customized Qredit NFC cards and print them in our own shop.



Persona was acquired in August 2019. 
Persona will focus on Zero knowledge Digital Identity management systems. It will first demonstrate the product on Voyager Park before targeting AirBNB, and ABN Amro as potential customers and partners. 


We have a very diverse team from various backgrounds, including real estate, traditional tourism / hospitality industry, and blockchain.

Our team has a proven successful track record with our past brick and mortar projects, such as McBläck, but also our widely successful cryptocurrency projects including Qredit (XQR) and

Hodler Enterprises is registered under the following numbers:

  • Hodler Holding Company Netherlands: 72306505
  • Holder Mining BV Netherlands: 72308818
  • Hodler Company V.O.F Netherlands: 71219579
  • Bläck Service Örnsköldsvik Sweden: 921086-6795-0001

Existing and successful projects of Hodler Enterprises:

  • Qredit
  • Persona
  • Antares Energy
  • Hodler Energy
  • Altilly Exchange
  • McBläck
Nayiem Willems

Nayiem Willems

Founder & CEO

Javed Mohammad

Javed Mohammad

Managing Director

Marco Valize

Marco Valize

IT Manager

Kevin Patch

Kevin Patch

Chief Technology Officer

Sophia Rademackers

Sophia Rademackers

Facility Manager

Sebastian Tušinec

Sebastian Tušinec

Engineer & Project Manager

Tsvetan Vetskov

Tsvetan Vetskov

IT Manager

Jan Emil Christiansen

Jan Emil Christiansen

Customer Relations

Jamie Cupper

Jamie Cupper

Strategist & Community Support

Georgi Stoyanov

Georgi Stoyanov

Network Architect

Jorrit de Bruin

Jorrit de Bruin

Financial & Product Advisor

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